The Prince Of Los Cocuyos: A Miami Childhood

Richard Blanco’s new book, The Prince of Los Cocuyos: A Miami Childhood, explores similar ideas that were evoked in his poem “One Today,” read at President Obama’s 2013 inauguration. America is united through dreaming, finding our way, and finding ourselves. And in this book, the author applies it to his own childhood. These truths are … Read moreThe Prince Of Los Cocuyos: A Miami Childhood

Scandal: The Complete Third Season

Scandal: The Complete Third Season is now available on DVD, just two days before Season Four’s premiere on ABC at its new time slot, 9:00 p.m. All eighteen episodes, along with never-before-seen bonus features, can be yours to re-watch, or catch up on, in preparation. This season was a bit shorter than Season Two’s twenty-two … Read moreScandal: The Complete Third Season

In Motion: The Remixes

  This listener became a fan of Amy Grant during high school when they’d play the Christian classics – “Find a Way,” “El-Shaddai,” and “Father’s Eyes” – at school masses and events, and continued listening during the five-time Grammy winner’s transition into pop. Therefore, the idea of a revamping of some of Grant’s popular tunes … Read moreIn Motion: The Remixes

Rocky – Heavyweight Collection

The Rocky movies hold different memories for different people. For many, the early films were a family event, and by “Rocky IV”, with the killer soundtrack and Drago, you shared them with friends and cheered loudly at the multiplex. Before Sylvester Stallone was Rambo, he was the one and only Rocky, the underdog we all … Read moreRocky – Heavyweight Collection

Scandal – The Complete Second Season

“Scandal: The Complete Second Season” is now available on DVD, which means all the OMG-jaw-dropping moments can be yours to replay, analyze, and obsess over. Because, let’s admit it, “Scandal” is an addiction, and just one viewing of an episode, with all the intricate, breaking-in, spying-on, covert shenanigans of the higher-powers, is not enough. The five-disc … Read moreScandal – The Complete Second Season

The Newsroom – Season One

HBO’s Sunday night drama “The Newsroom” is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Download, so fans can rewind, replay, and recite the fast-paced Sorkinesque pontifications that are difficult to grasp with regular viewing. And, of course, for new viewers to catch up before the show returns for its long-awaited Season Two premiere on July … Read moreThe Newsroom – Season One

Hemingway & Gellhorn

HBO Films’ “Hemingway & Gellhorn” centers on the romance between the literary master and war correspondent Martha Gellhorn, his third wife and his inspiration for “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” Jammed-packed with footage from the Spanish Civil War, their time in China, and World War II, this film shows the journey of their relationship, often as tumultuous … Read moreHemingway & Gellhorn

Riding Fury Home: A Memoir

  Chana Wilson’s memoir “Riding Fury Home” is a powerful narrative of healing, forgiveness, and redemption. Wilson’s personal story begins in 1958 and spans forty years; it is the history of her complex relationship with her mother. Gloria was not a loving mother to Chana in the early years and tried to commit suicide a few times. … Read moreRiding Fury Home: A Memoir

Big Love: The Complete Fifth Season

The fifth and final season of HBO’s “Big Love” begins with the whole state of Utah hating Bill Henrickson. The last season ended with Bill, portrayed by Bill Paxton, announcing that he was a proud polygamist when he wins a seat in the Senate, as his three wives stood at his side. His new colleagues are ready … Read moreBig Love: The Complete Fifth Season