In Motion: The Remixes



This listener became a fan of Amy Grant during high school when they’d play the Christian classics – “Find a Way,” “El-Shaddai,” and “Father’s Eyes” – at school masses and events, and continued listening during the five-time Grammy winner’s transition into pop. Therefore, the idea of a revamping of some of Grant’s popular tunes seemed intriguing.

Sure, the pop gems like “Baby Baby” and “Every Heartbeat” wouldn’t be too difficult to amp up, as they are already danceable tunes. But what about some of the others, such as “Find a Way,” “Say Once More,” “Stay for a While” or “Better Than a Hallelujah?” Well, skeptics can just put on their dancing shoes and head to the dance club or the gym, because “In Motion: The Remixes” is a refreshing and seamless stream of pop fun!

So often a song can fall into the wrong hands and be remixed into an unrecognizable mess with no resemblance to the original, but thankfully that does not happen here, not even once. Even before listening, a glance at the list of DJs who participated in this album will tell you, this is serious stuff. Their contributions to the pop and dance world speak for themselves. So, it’s only appropriate that “In Motion” is also available on vinyl.

Let’s begin with the most obvious candidates for remixing. Grant’s signature pop hit “Baby Baby” sparkles with the adept turntable skills of Dave Aude and DJ Andy from 7th Heaven; Aude on the radio edit and DJ Andy on the superb closing medley “Mega Mix.” “Every Heartbeat” is revitalized by Moto Blanco, who has mixed for R&B greats Janet Jackson and Mary J. Blige.

The most impressive remixes on “In Motion” are “Say Once More,” produced by Hex Hector, who’s worked his magic on Gloria Estefan and Toni Braxton hits, “Out in the Open” (DJ Andy), “Better Than a Hallelujah,” featuring Mark Picchiotti, and “Stay For A While,” mixed by Tony Moran and Warren Rigg.

This collection is highly recommended for two reasons: Amy Grant’s classics are definitely worth revisiting, and dancing to songs with positive and uplifting messages is refreshing to the soul and feet. Go ahead – buy it, spin it, and get “in motion!”


Originally appeared on on Aug 27, 2014

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